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A long time ago I dedicated months of my life to learning iOS and SpriteKit development, and produced a small prototype of a top-down space shooter. As I recall, just as I was feeling confident with Objective-C, Swift was released, and I remembered that I hate playing games on my phone anyway.

Fast forward to today and I've finally brought Shooty Ship back to life as my July entry for #OneGameAMonth. Good luck getting the weapons upgrades to spawn, they might just get you past sector 10!

Code by me (and my dog): @RubyIsDog
Awesome art by http://kenney.nl/
Amazing music by http://teknoaxe.com/
Sound effects created with http://bfxr.net/

Created with LibGDX

Install instructions

Requires Java. To run:

java -jar ShootyShip.jar


ShootyShip.jar 26 MB

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