A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"the best game I had the opportunity to play this year"

"one of the year's best games"

"an accessible, clever and downright hilarious adventure"

"a novel, unforgettable experience"

These are just some of the things critics said about Portal 2 in 2011. But none of that's really relevant here...

Ruby Goes Digging is inspired by an Amstrad title from my wife's childhood - plus many other similar games before it. Look, I'll be honest, I had about 3 hours total spare time this month for #OneGameAMonth jamming, and it shows. It has a start, middle and end, there are things on the screen and sounds in your ears. You should have seen it 24 hours ago! :-)

Code by me (and my dog): @RubyIsDog

Created with LibGDX

Short rant about trying to squeeze this game out in 15 minutes intervals over the course of 6-7 evenings here.

Install instructions

Requires Java. To run:

java -jar rubygoesdigging-1.0.jar


rubygoesdigging-1.0.jar 9 MB


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Hey this game is super simple but cool!