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If the amount of time you can dedicate to your gamedev hobby is dwindling, why not mix things up by trying to learn a new game engine? So for my September 2016 #OneGameAMonth entry I took a shot at Godot Engine and a great Flappy Bird Tutorial. Coincidentally I was listening to Elmer Bernstein's award winning score to To Kill a Mockingbird while tinkering, and the result is Mocky Bird. Please don't try to read any deeper meaning or commentary into it - there isn't any! (Read the book and watch the film if you haven't though, they're both amazing)

Code by me (and my dog): @RubyIsDog

No copyright infringement of any kind is intended with this homage! Go buy the book, movie and soundtrack! (these aren't even affiliate links!)

Install instructions

Godot exports native binaries! It's too easy!

For windows, run the exe. For Linux, make the binary executable and run it. For Mac, you may have to bypass Gatekeeper.


mockybird 26 MB
Mocky Bird.app.zip 20 MB
mockybird.exe 18 MB

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