A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the furthest from a complete game I have submitted so far for #OneGameAMonth, but it's still a playable thing, and hey, it's Halloween themed for October! I struggled with time as usual and also with motivation this month in particular... despite finding my feet with Godot Engine (which incidentally is an absolute joy to use; I honestly don't know why you'd use anything else for cross-platform 2D). I think I put this down to the fact that I played with a platformer back in February so I wasn't really trying anything new. So that's my lesson for November, try something new!

Code by me (and my dog): @RubyIsDog

Fantastic art by Game Art 2D

Install instructions

For windows, run the exe. For Linux, make the binary executable and run it. For Mac, you may have to bypass Gatekeeper.


Halloween Prototype.app.zip 23 MB
halloween-linux.zip 13 MB
halloween.exe.zip 10 MB

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