A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My first stab (haha) at a very basic rogue like, submitted for the #OneGameAMonth jam for May 2016. Please consider it a prototype, as the mechanics (and math) got very cluttered very quickly; it's still fun to play though! You must escape the dungeon by battling monsters, collecting treasure, and levelling up your equipment and statistics along the way.

Code by me (and my dog): @RubyIsDog

Created with LibGDX

Sprites and tileset by Surt
Music by Yabatake
Sound effects by The Chayad

Thinking about making your own RPG? Read the devblog here and see if it puts you off :-)

Install instructions

Requires Java. To run:

java -jar DerivativeQuest-1.0.jar


DerivativeQuest-1.0.jar 11 MB


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Nice prototype there - especially liked the humor! Coding RPG's for game jams is tough, tried it myself and failed :)