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Cute little game! I had one problem though, the game crashes on me when I pick up the first banana at the first obstacle in the first level, but only when I don't jump when I pick it up.

Oh no! What platform are you playing on? Did you get an error message in the crash?

I was playing on windows and I didn't see an error message. Is there a log somewhere I could send?

Cute game! I got to level 2, but stopped because I died. It was fun though! Platformers aren't often super widescreen, and it was neat to see how that let me see ahead. I liked that.

Just curious; how does the double-jump mechanic work? I found depending on when I timed the second press, that changed my velocity and I frequently pressed it early.


Thanks for playing! I'm still figuring out how to use physics engines so a lot of the mechanics are rusty, like the double jump. The jump button applies a linear impulse to the primate's physics body. As long as you're not falling, you're able to provide another impulse (this is a double jump). The timing will vary it as your velocity is constantly changing depending on the time elapsed since your first jump, the mass of the primate, the gravity of the world etc. I definitely need to do some more reading up on Box2D before attempting another platformer. I hope you play again and see if you can defeat the boss in level 3! Thanks for the feedback :-)